domingo, 31 de julio de 2011

Algunas fotos del Twitter

Fotos de Shay:

Shay Mitchell's photo Amazing shoot today with photographer @eliastahan hair stylist @DavenMayeda and makeup artist @crystalboyce ... You guys are amazing!!! xo

Shay Mitchell's photo Making yourself go to the gym = hardest thing ever. Completing a workout = best feeling ever. This lil' ab wheel/roller I use during my workout = the death of me ! Lol #funtimesatthegymShay Mitchell's photo Look familiar ??? :)

 Shay Mitchell's photo Thank you @pnemcova for the book, I am reading it now! Your message inside was very sweet... Sending you love, light and happiness as well :)

Shay Mitchell's photo Cute and he can cook! @ianmharding thanks for a wonderful meal!
Ian Harding
Shay Mitchell's photo Celebrating mr. @KeeganAllen birthday with dinner and a cake at @IANMHARDING 's  :) #funtimes
Cumpleaños de Kegan

Fotos de Ashley:

con Lucy Hale

El trafico de L.A.

en el Set.

con Kenny Hamilton

Juntos a Lucy, Jack y Olie (sus perritos)

Fotos de Lucy:

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