viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

Pretty Little Music (2x04)

Capítulo 4: Blind Dates

Artista: Shelly Fraley
Cancion: “Two at a Time”
Album: Into the Sun
Escena: Hanna and Lucas chat outside, while Aria and her mom have a stilted conversation in the hallway.

Artista: Blair
Cancion: “Hearts”
Album: Die Young
Escena: Lucas gets too nervous to sit with Danielle in the cafeteria, and a sympathetic Hanna decides to go on a double date.

Artista: The Kicks
Cancion: “Hawk Eyes”
Album: Hawk Eyes - Single
Escena: Aria looks for her brother in the park, but instead gets an eyeful of shirtless Jason. Steamy!.

Artista: Shelly Fraley
Cancion: “Be Brave”
Album: Into the Sun
Escena: Hanna plays housewife to Lucas and Danielle, with mixed results.

Artista: Thirteen Senses
Cancion: “Into the Fire”
Album: The Invitation
Escena: Lucas thanks Hanna for helping him out, and Hanna has a therapeutic breakthrough.

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